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Come to 20 group lessons and get a FREE Gift

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The more you play the more you get

In tennis practice makes perfect. So the more you practice the quicker you'll develop and more you'll improve. At IV Tennis Coaching we wanted to give more back to our players that wanted to do more.

So we created our READY TO RALLY cards... 

Collect the points 

At your first class you'll receive a READY TO RALLY card. Every time you come to a group class or tournament bring your card with you and your coach will record it on your card. When you attend 20 classes you will receive a FREE gift.  


Terms & Conditions 

Ready to Rally 

Ready to Rally is a promotion run by IV Tennis Coaching and the rules below must be followed to be eligible for the promotion. 

Participants accrue stamps on their Ready to Rally card by attending a eligible group tennis class run by IV Tennis Coaching. After 20 stamps have been accrued the owner of the Ready to Rally card is eligible to receive a free gift. 

Groups that are eligible for the offer include: 

  • Junior Coaching Groups 

  • Adult Coaching Groups 

  • Cardio Tennis Groups 

  • Open Days

  • Junior Tournaments 

  • Rusty Racket American Doubles Tournaments  

Groups that are not eligible for the offer include: 

  • Penance Junior Club Night 

  • Social events 

  • Private lessons

Rules and regulations

  • Only IV Tennis Coaching staff are allowed to stamp Ready to Rally Cards

  • Ready to Rally cards must be presented at the end of the class to be stamped.

  • Stamps can only be granted for classes that you have attended. Stamps cannot be granted retrospectively 

  • Players must write their name on their Ready to Rally card. Players can only accrue stamps on the Ready to Rally card with their name on. 

  • If a Ready to Rally Card is lost you can get a new one from your coach however any stamps collected on the lost card cannot be transferred to the new card

  • You can only get one stamp per day

  • You can only get as many stamps per week as your subscription allows. For example if you are on the Game Subscription you can only receive one stamp per week. Players on the Set Subscription can receive two stamps per week. Players on the Match Subscription can receive as many stamps as classes they attend per week. 

  • When the card has been completed you must surrender it to the coach. 

  • The gift that you receive is at the discretion of IV Tennis Coaching 

  • All questions and complaints must be directed to  

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